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Making a claim following an accident abroad is not the easiest of prospects to face upon returning to the UK.

This is because they are usually subject to the law of the country where the injury or illness occurred.

However, there are regulations and bodies in place that Vincents Claims Solicitors can use to help you claim the compensation you deserve, for instance the 1992 Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulation aids holiday accident claims.  For all the advice you need call free on 0800 310 2222.

Our Accidents Abroad solicitors can help deal with a variety of accidents and illnesses suffered on a holiday or during business abroad, including;

  • Road accidents
  • Cruise ship accidents and illnesses
  • Accidents or injuries suffered at your resort, hotel, villa etc.
  • Water sports, skiing or other sporting accidents
  • Package holiday accident compensation
  • Air and airport accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Accidents or injuries suffered whilst on day excursions and trips
  • Slips, trips or falls
  • Food poisoning
  • Accidents or illnesses whilst working abroad

Vincents Claims Solicitors understand the pain and suffering of an injury or illness abroad which is why we strive to win compensation for any loss or expense sustained and for the loss of enjoyment of the holiday or trip abroad.

How can I make an Accident Abroad claim?

The most important aspect of making an Accident Abroad claim is the gathering of evidence as you need to be able to prove that another person was responsible for your personal injury, which in the case of an accident abroad this would normally be your travel agent or your employer.

To help your Accident Abroad claim, you should report the accident to your employer or your travel representative at the time, make a note of your accident, take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident and if possible take photographs of the area where the accident happened. You must also keep all of the travel documentation, receipts and paperwork including medical letters, receipts for treatment, hospital discharge letters or any other documentation relating to or arising from the holiday and injury. It’s better to take these notes straight away, as it’s hard to return to take photos and gather information at a later date.

The recent changes in UK and European law mean that it has become much easier to make accident abroad claims so get in touch today and our team of expert personal injury solicitors will help you get deserved compensation.