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Accidents at Work

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If you have been involved in an accident at work or if you have contracted an industrial illness through the job you do then you may be entitled to compensation.

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All employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, which includes providing adequate equipment and materials, providing competent co-workers, providing a safe system of work and providing proper training and supervision.

Therefore, if you have been injured whilst at work, you may be entitled to make a work accident claim against your employer for the injuries you have sustained.

Our Injury Solicitors are experienced at handling all types of accident at work compensation claims including;

  • Accidents in the office
  • Construction site accidents and injury claims
  • Factory and warehouse accidents
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Road and traffic accidents
  • Offshore Workers Compensation Claims

Personal injury claims cover the expense of rehabilitation treatment and equipment needed to recover or cope with an injury as well as compensating you for your pain and suffering. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Vincents Claims Solicitors if you believe you may have a claim.

How to make a work accident compensation claim

The decision to make an accident at work compensation claim is often difficult for employees. You may be worried about any repercussions regarding your employment but the duties of an employer include complying with Health and Safety laws and regulations, which have been put in place to make the workplace a safer environment, and reduce the risk of work accidents. If your accident at work is because of a failure in Health and Safety measures or procedures then making a claim and highlighting these failures could stop another accident at work happening to a colleague.

You should not fear for your job as an employer cannot legally dismiss an employee for making a compensation claim for an accident at work.  

It is a legal requirement for your employer to have insurance cover, known as Employers Liability Insurance, to cover them in case of any work related accidents so if your personal injury claim is successful, it is the company’s insurers who pay the compensation awarded, not your employer.

It is also possible for employer’s to be held accountable if you are injured at work due to something a fellow employee did, or did not do, as they must ensure, to the best of their ability, that the people they employ are competent in their jobs and do not put other people in the workplace at risk by their actions.