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Product Liability Claims

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Product Liability claims can be made against manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers if they are responsible for causing you harm or injury due to a product defect. 

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You could claim compensation under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 1987 or the common law of negligence if they owed you a duty of care. Claims can be made even if the person injured did not buy the faulty product.

The manufacturer's negligence may be:

  • failure to take care during the manufacturing process, resulting in a particular product being defective
  • failure to take care during the design of the product, including a failure to carry out sufficiently careful research
  • failure to carry out effective tests
  • failure to provide an effective warning of dangers
  • failure to recall a product, or to issue appropriate warnings if a danger becomes apparent after the product has been put into circulation

Defective, dangerous and unsafe products are the main causes of thousands of severe injuries every year including burns, head injuries, broken bones, brain trauma, spine injuries and moreover wrongful death, for which a victim can claim product liability compensation.

If you have been injured, through no fault of your own, and you believe it is the fault of a manufacturer’s negligence then get in touch with Vincents Claims Solicitors today. We can discuss your potential Product Liability claim and help guide you through the claims process.

How to make a Product Liability claim

Vincents Solicitors can support your product liability claim on almost any product, from consumer goods and children’s toys through to food stuffs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products, provided you can prove that your injury was directly caused by the product in question.

To give your claim the best possible chance, it is highly advisable to keep any receipts or product packaging which accompanied the defective product, as proof of purchase.
Sometimes claiming Product Liability compensation can be difficult as some products contain various parts that were made by different manufacturers but assembled together so it may be hard to establish which manufacturer is at fault. Occasionally these producers may be court ordered to share the responsibility in paying compensation.

Vincents Solicitors are experts in dealing with Product Liability claims and we can help you if you are able to prove that your injury was caused by a faulty product within the previous three years.