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As soon as we have received your enquiry a member of our experienced Personal Injury team will contact you to find out exactly how you have been injured and what you want to claim for. We will take a full description of your accident from you and contact details of any witnesses who saw your accident happen.

We will also take details from you of any other losses that you have sustained such as loss of earnings, travel expenses and medication expenses. As your claim progresses we will ask you to provide copies of your pay slips and also receipts for any expenses that you have incurred.

Our Personal Injury team will then advise you whether you are likely to have a successful Personal Injury claim.

We will start the Personal Injury claim process by sending a letter with details of your claim to the other side explaining why we think they are responsible for the accident and for the injuries and losses you have sustained.

Whilst the other side are investigating your accident we will gather evidence from various people such as medical experts and rehabilitation providers to support your claim.

If you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident and your vehicle has been damaged we can also get your vehicle inspected by a qualified motor vehicle engineer and also advise you about a replacement vehicle.

We can also assist you to arrange any physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment that you may require.

If liability is denied by the others sides insurers then we will obtain Police Reports and statements from any witnesses to help you win your case.

Our experienced Personal Injury team will be happy to discuss any aspect of bringing a claim with you and will always be available to discuss your claim with you at every stage.