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Practical Steps following a Personal Injury

When you have suffered a personal injury, you are likely to be experiencing after-effects, such as shock and clear thinking about what you can do to help yourself is likely to be the furthest from your mind.

Loved ones can give you support but, most importantly, you can help yourself. It is you that will be going through any legal claim for compensation for your personal injury and it is important to ensure you maximise your chances for your personal injury claim with some practical actions, which can include:

  • Inform the police as soon as possible if, for example, your injury resulted from a road accident, an attack or the involvement of someone else’s negligence.
  • If personal injury is due to a road traffic accident, report it to your insurance company, so your cover remains valid.
  • Report any physical injury, however minor, to your doctor. Personal injuries can take time to have their full impact. Internal injuries for instance can become more serious over time. A legal claim for compensation for any personal injury requires a medical report from your doctor. A personal injury solicitor will recommend you attend for a specialist medical report.
  • Evidence is crucial. Take photographs of the scene of an accident if you are able to. Similarly images of visible injuries and of what caused the injury helps as evidence for any subsequent legal claims. If possible, write an account of the accident whilst it is still fresh in your mind and tell someone close to you.
  • Witnesses can be key for gathering evidence; obtain names and addresses of anyone around at the time of your accident.