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New Research into effect of care home living on adults with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

Aspire, the charity which provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by spinal cord injuries, has commissioned new research to examine the effect living in a care home has on adults with a spinal cord injury.

In the UK, more than 700 people every year are told they will never walk again after being paralysed by a spinal injury. The majority of these cases follow a traumatic injury to the back or neck, such as: road traffic accidents, domestic and work-related accidents, sports injuries, assault or complications during surgery (Spinal Injury Network).

The study by Loughborough University has made some shocking discoveries about the standard of care given to spinal injured people who, have been forced to, live in care homes for the elderly due to a lack of suitable housing provision in the community.

In addition to unacceptable risks to health, such as: broken bones, bed sores and infections - from inadequate facilities and inexperienced staff, the research reports that, spinal injured people living in this situation can become suicidal and experience chronic depression brought on by isolation, lack of independence and pain and illness from the failure to meet their physical needs.

Aspire makes it clear that it is unacceptable for a public policy, which is so detrimental to the health and well-being of people living with a spinal injury, to continue.

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