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Bradley Wiggins sustains injuries to hands and wrists after being knocked off his bike

Olympic gold medallist and Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins, has been hospitalised with several broken ribs and injuries to his hands and wrists, after being knocked off his bike. It is not yet known whether these injuries may effect his cycling career in the future.

The accident happened in Wrightington close to the athletes home in Eccleston, Lancashire as a van pulled off a petrol station forecourt at approximately 6pm, Wednesday 6th November. Police have not yet confirmed whether it was Wiggins, or the female driver of the white van, who was at fault and responsible for the collision.

Bradley Wiggins has been campaigning for better bike safety since the 2012 Olympics: he made a televised appeal for the government to improve cycling laws after a rider was fatally injured, near the Olympic Park London, following a collision with a bus.

Full story: Sky News