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Bradley Wiggins Claim for Compensation

It is not yet clear whether it was Bradley Wiggins or the driver of the van, which collided with him, who caused the accident on Wednesday but, Vincent Claims have estimated the figures that might be involved if he were to pursue a claim for compensation.

It is reported Mr Wiggins sustained injuries to his hands, ribs and wrists, in the accident, as well as general cuts and bruises.

Hand injuries can attract anything from £650 for a minor injury (recovery in a few months) with figures rising to up to £60,000 if there has been a serious injury causing cosmetic disability and significant loss of function. Hand injuries which result in significantly impaired function but where no future surgery is required would attract compensation in the region of £10,350 - £20,750.

These figures are only for the injury itself and would not take into account any compensation that he may be entitled to for his loss of earnings relating to his future sporting career prospects, should his injuries mean he is no longer able to compete at a senior level.

In terms of future loss of earnings there is no particular formula but, the key to ensuring all potential losses are compensated for would be for Mr Wiggins to instruct a good solicitor who will put forward arguments about potential loss of performance in the next race and how the amount of time he spends out of training recovering may affect that performance and therefore earnings.

In addition, as a result of the accident there is the possibility of loss of sponsorship. All of these things will need to be taken into consideration by an experienced solicitor.