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When Vincents Claims Solicitors assess how much compensation you should receive they will look at how serious your injuries were, the length of time that it took you to make a recovery, whether or not you have any ongoing medical symptoms and also whether the injuries that you sustained had an impact on the quality of your life.

Vincents Claims Solicitors will review the medical reports provided by the medical experts and take into account any other losses you have sustained before assessing how much your claim is worth. We will always notify you of any offers made by the other side and will provide advice to you about whether or not any offers made in settlement of your claim are suitable.

If Vincents Claims Solicitors think that your claim is worth more than the other side have offered to you we will provide advice to you about taking your claim to Court to ensure that you receive the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

You can check our Claims Calculator to get an idea of how much your claim may be worth depending on the type of injury you have suffered.